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Jesse Stiles - The Target Museum - Out Now!


The Target Museum

12" Picture Disc
Edition of 250

Jesse Stiles' long awaited debut is here on approximately 250 slabs of crazy looking vinyl. Many of the songs on this record were written while Jesse worked wearing a hazmat suit inside one of the partially destroyed buildings surrounding the ground zero site. They capture that hallucination of contradictory images and turn them into catchy and unique electronic pop masterpieces.

Everything is Made of Something

$18 (+ shipping $4 US, $12 Int.)

Trail Songs Wounded Knees Frank Budgen

Trail Songs

12” white vinyl w/ gatefold jacket
Edition of 500

Ross Goldstein is an artist currently living in upstate New York.Trail Songs (aka “FREE DUMB” or Ross’ “white album”) is a 30 minute cartoon pop soundtrack for a road-trip along America’s 21st century highway. The album features artwork by PAB and a special gatefold collage by Joe Grillo (dearraindrop)!! Ross’ other projects include an upcoming Polaroid photo book and sound collage cds released as: united states of belt.

Captain of the Organ


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All Rise

10” brown vinyl w/ screen printed jackets.
Limited edition of 200.

The first release from the Wounded Knees, Suzanne Thorpe (Mercury Rev) and Jimi Shields (Rollerskate Skinny) and Phil Williams, featuring a guest appearance by J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Thickly textured guitar and mind blowing flute fill out these tracks. Recorded over two magical days here in Troy, NY. Mixed by Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine). Artist/Writer Josh MacPhee (Stencil Pirates) designed and hand printed the jackets.
Hear about their recent tour opening for My Bloody Valentine at the Knees Myspace page.

"Pretty hip."
---THE WIRE | Byron Coley

All Rise / Dirty (w/ J Mascis)


$15 (+ shipping $4 US, $12 Int.)

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The Legend Of Frank Budgen Vol. 1

10” vinyl w/ unique archival jacket and booklet.
Extremely limited edition of 99.

Collected from recordings found in the apartment of the late Frank Budgen. Rawkus and unsettling fried electric guitar blues. There are anthems on here that have already worked their way deep into the collective mix tape of Troy, NY. Packaged in expertly crafted custom hand-bound hardcover archival jackets, with pasted back cover text ala 1950’s Folkways. Includes booklet.

"Totally weird one... wild lo-fi style... a real brain rattler, which features one of the screwier Beefheart covers you'll hear in this lifetime."
---THE WIRE | Byron Coley

Here We Go Lie Down



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